Mica Tapes For Cables

Mica Tapes For Cables

Mica tapes for cables are applied to stranded wires, conductors and cables with strip winding machine overlapped 50% longitudinally or radially with one or more layers. This tape is highly flexible and allows it to be used on thinnest conductor such as Dia 0.8mm

Model:MT 120

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Product Description

Product Description

Mica Tape for fire-resistant cable (MT-P120)

Mica tapes for cables is a kind of insulation material made of phlogopite mica paper or muscovite mica paper mixed with silicon resin and other binder and glass fiber

cloth after baked and cut, can resist high voltage and especially high temperature.

High quality mica paper bonded to an electrical grade glass fiber cloth (G type) as the reinforce material, and impregnated with a specially selected high
temperature resistant silicon resin.

1. Excellent insulating property.
2. High temperature resistant.
3. Flexible, high tensile suit for high speed cable manufacturing
4. Eco-friendly, Free of toxic gases in fire.
Have at least 3 hours excellent electrical insulation at Temperature more than 850℃ and Voltage more than 1.0KV, with no breakdown.

MICA TAPE(MT-120) is used as fire resistant layer between conductors and out sheath. They are suitable for all essential and emergency system include

power and control cable, must be maintained good property and function during and after a fire.

According to mica paper and support agent, mica tape has following different types.

Main Model Mica Reinforce Material Structure
MT-P120 Phlogopite Glass fiber cloth Signer Side (A)
MT-S120 Synthetic Glass fiber cloth Signer Side (A)
MT-C120 Calcined Glass fiber cloth Signer Side (A)
MT-P120 Phlogopite Glass fiber cloth & PET Film Double Side (D)

Add: MTS-PG: Mica Tape in Spool Series.  (As photo show)
MR-PG: Mica Roll Series. (As in Mica Roll page)


Item P0.0824A P0.1132A P0.12532A P0.1432A
Thickness (mm) 0.08±0.015 0.11±0.015 0.125±0.015 0.14±0.015
Nominal weight (g/m2) 127±11 148±11 172±11 216±14
Mica Content (g) 80±5 100±5 120±5 160±8
Glass Fiber Content (g) 24±3 32±3 32±3 32±3
Bond Content (g) 13±3 16±3 20±3 24±3
Dielectric strength (kv/layer)  (≥) >1.2 >1.5 >1.7 >2.0
Tensile strength (N/cm)  (≥) >120 >150 >180 >200
Temperature Resistant (≥) 850 850 850 850

Mica tape stack up and packed by Film and Cartons, then fixed in the pallet as the photo show.
Packing can be made as your demand.

Ready the product for shipment in two weeks after get the deposit.
Our main port is Ningbo, China.

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