Kynol Fiber Packing

Kynol Fiber Packing

Kynol fiber packing is braided from high-performance KynolTM ( NovilidTM or PhenolicTM) fiber impregnated with PTFE lubricant, good mechanical properties combining softness and strength. We call it "GOLDEN Packing".

Model:KXT P605

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Product Description

Kynol Fiber Packing

Style KXT P605 Kynol Fiber Packing

Kynol fiber packing is Braided from a new high performance yarn called Novoloid, the Novoloid/Kynol Fibre Packing is impregnated

with PTFE & break-in lubricant. This packing exhibits the strength of Aramid fibre & chemical resistance of PTFE & is proved to be

multipurpose packing for Paper & Pulp industry. It is non-staining & non abrasive in nature as compared to its counterpart packing.



• Special process that assures thorough lubrication for a longer Packing life

• Covers a wide variety of applications in many industries

• Excellent general service pump and valve packing

• High quality kynol fiber 



• Pump and valve applications in the chemical industry

• Marine service and many more

• Pulp- and paper mills

• Water, steam, acids

• Chemicals, solvents

• Oil., etc 


Main Features:


Rotary pump

20 bar

Reciprocating pump

100 bar

Static Sealing

200 bar

Rotary speed

20 m/s





PH Value



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